Survive And Advance

By Jeff Rapp, March 21st, 2010

My first blog for this website,, appropriately is being written while the Ohio State men’s basketball team takes on Georgia Tech for the right to advance to the third round of the NCAA Tournament. I say appropriately because doing something as industrious as running a new, sophisticated website or winning a high-pressure hoops game requires lots of focus and survival.

You’re not going to do everything perfect. The goal is to move on to the next thing as well as you can.
This tournament begins with a four-day whirlwind. If you can somehow spin out of the tornado and land on your feet in the Sweet 16, it really doesn’t matter how you got there. Yes, Kentucky and Syracuse have been impressive so far and some might now see them on a collision course to the title game. But do you think Kansas would now take an ugly win over Northern Iowa?
It didn’t happen, of course, and the Jayhawks already have been sent packing for home.
Ohio State didn’t put up a Rembrandt in its 68-51 win over Cal-Santa Barbara Friday night here in Milwaukee but the Buckeyes (28-7) certainly did enough to avoid any real turmoil and dispatch the Gauchos (20-10).
The matchup looks much more concerning for today’s bout with Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are long, physical and talented and come in with a strong showing in the ACC Tournament as well as a 64-59 win over Oklahoma State. But this is still a 12-loss team with warts of its own while Ohio State is hot in its own right and the more veteran team.
Yes, the Buckeyes are going to have to execute and play through contact today and it won’t be easy. But here’s guessing they’ll figure out a way to do it.
Survive and advance. Go on to the next thing as well as you can.