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OSU ended the season with two straight losses, allowing 34 points in the B1G title game with Michigan State and 40 more vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl. The D needs work, but what should Urban Meyer fix first?

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With Kent in town, Urban Meyer's smile should return.

Flashes Offer Chance At Ignition 

by JEFF RAPP / 9.13.14 / 9:00am

Two games into the campaign and the expectations and excitement surrounding Ohio State football have waned considerably. The Buckeyes (1-1) are still licking their wounds from last week's nighttime loss to Virginia Tech and have dipped to No. 22 in The Associated Press poll. Also, more key players have dropped out of the equation. However, MAC combatant Kent State (0-2) has worse problems and should serve as an elixir.


Big10 RappUp

This December's annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge has several tasty treats including OSU-Louisville.


The Ruckus

Is J.T. Going To Be A-OK At QB?



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June 5

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It’s going to haunt all of us, I imagine, for a little while.

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