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OSU ended the season with two straight losses, allowing 34 points in the B1G title game with Michigan State and 40 more vs. Clemson in the Orange Bowl. The D needs work, but what should Urban Meyer fix first?

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ET started as a 76er, now he'll play for Philly's rival.

Turner Finally Joins Sullinger

by JEFF RAPP / 7.22.14 / 4:00pm

While Evan Turner was the clear-cut best player in college basketball, Jared Sullinger also was crowned as the top player at the prep level, leading to dreamy thoughts of the two playing together at Ohio State. It didn't happen, of course. Turner bolted for the NBA and Sullinger made an immediate mark on the Buckeyes. But the two finally get to co-exist now that Turner has signed a free-agent deal.


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Just a handful of league teams are left battling for the basketball crown while others try to finish strong.


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